Desiring a Better Process

1.0. We believe there is a better way to do architecture, one that involves all the team members from design through construction, we believe architect led design build is the best project delivery method to accomplish this.

1.1. We want to return to the master builder philosophy. A time when the art of craft was appreciated, and buildings stood the test of time.

1.2. We believe as architects there is much to learn from the trades. Plumbers, bricklayers, carpenters, each has a skill that adds value to the project. And it’s being involved on the job site, working alongside those trades, understanding how all the parts go together that make for better architects and consequently better buildings.

1.3. We believe architect led design build maximizes project efficiency while honoring design intent and project quality.

1.4. We believe when the process of designing and building is shared by the architect, the contractor, and the owner, the result is a better project.

1.5. We believe when designers and builders come together to work with the owner, leading them through the design process and ultimately to the end of the building process that something magical happens. That’s what drew us to architect led design build. Working together. Bringing together the designer and the builder to work with the owner. And that’s why we chose to name our firm Avec, the french word for with.

1.6. We believe there is a way to do architecture that brings together designers and contractors collaborating with the client to deliver a built project, a process that energizes and empowers the design team, the construction team, and ultimately the owner.

1.7. We believe it’s the back and forth dialogue between the designer and the builder, the instant feedback, the sharing of knowledge, the interaction of the trades, the ability to put it all together, that makes for better buildings.