Delivering buildings, not just drawings

3.0 We thought architects made buildings. We were wrong. Today’s architects make drawings. We want to create buildings

3.1. Together the Avec Team has decades of experience in multiple project types and yet we came to understand that missing from our work was the very thing we were designing, the physical building. We were producing drawings, the reason we became architects was to create buildings.

3.2. Architect led design build removes the uncertainty of the design process. The designers and the builder work together from the beginning. This allows for the ability to guarantee a budget and a schedule early on.

3.3. Architect Led Design Build is a fairly recent approach to delivering architecture. It’s an approach where the architect teams with the owner to design and construct their project. In this approach the architect procures the construction services by subcontracting a general contractor or by contracting directly with the various construction trades.

3.4. Architect led design build team is considered new and innovative, but it is truly a return to the construction approach used for hundreds of years, an approach used to build the great cathedrals of Europe, an approach in which the architect serves as the master-builder.

3.5. Architect Led Design Build is a project delivery method in which the designer and the contractor are teamed together providing a single point of contact for the owner through the whole process.

3.6. At Avec, we see design build as a dynamic process, it’s collaborative, it’s efficient, it’s an approach to making buildings as an alternative to the traditional design-bid-build approach. And we believe it’s a better way of making buildings.

3.7. The architect-led design–build workflow reintroduces the back and forth discussion that stimulates collaborative problem solving.

3.8. Unlike the traditional design-bid-build approach to delivering a building, design build offers a single point of contact. Us! A single source of management, allowing the owner to contract with a single party. And we believe that benefits the owner.

3.9. Design–build can be very dynamic, reflecting a design process in which decisions are made with all the members of the team and are further refined as needs are identified and then prioritized.

3.10. Architect led design build is an integrated process that allows for better communication and the sharing of knowledge between the designer and the builder which we view as necessary to create better buildings.