By bringing expertise together

2.0. When we started talking about a new approach of doing architecture, we envisioned a process that brought together the designers, the engineers, the construction team, working with the owner, to create a building. We share the same goals, sit on the same side, and collaborate from the initial idea to the completed building.

2.1. Our approach is one of efficiency, combining the expertise of the designer and the builder, which ultimately saves the owner time and money.

2.2. Our team… licensed architects, interior designers, and craftsmen, our team members bring together diverse skillsets: listening, understanding, assessing, prioritizing, imagining, planning, and developing creative design solutions. Our team also has a with a wide variety of experience, from residential to large commercial projects. Being as simple as color selection or as complex as multi-million dollar facilities.

2.3. We create projects, that are specific to the project site, that are functional, meeting the needs of the clients. For example clients will come to us thinking they need a new building or a large addition to accommodate all the things that happen in their environment. By listening to their needs, understanding how they use their space, being purposeful with planning, we are able to offer solutions that repurpose under used areas, and achieve their goals, often within their existing space. Our buildings are environmentally responsive, energy efficient, and promote healthy lifestyles.

We also plan for future use of a building and it’s ability to expand, increasing the longevity of it’s use.

2.4. We work within a budget. We see budgets as opportunities to think creatively, to look for affordable solutions, to offer alternatives that still honor the design intent.

2.5. We are passionate about the process of creating buildings. The whole process, from beginning conceptual design, through construction, to the final experience of occupant.

2.6. We are a firm centered on the client and their needs, making a difference in the lives of those who use the spaces we design.

2.7. Our role with the owner is to be THE point of contact through the full process, taking responsibility from the beginning to the very end.