ACPC Room Remodels

ACPC Library

This fun remodel project included designing a library to be enjoyed by the children and families of ACPC. The goal was to create a calm neutral space with a nature theme providing resources for both parents and children. The custom reading tree and bench became the focal point of the design along with adding comfortable seating, and plentiful storage for books and activities. The existing ceiling presented some challenges to be worked around with pipes and ductwork, but were successfully worked into the design. New flooring, lighting, bookshelves, cabinetry, a puppet theater, and places to display local art and childrens art are also all important aspects of this remodel. The library renovation was made possible by a donation from the Herwig family. A custom book entrance sign welcomes visitors into the space.

ACPC Infant Room

The infant room has been remodeled to include more storage and features 2 different lighting zones for nap and playtimes, and a private Mother’s room. The entire space was updated with new cabinetry, changing area, flooring, lighting, and fixtures- creating a bright new cozy space for the infants and team members to enjoy.